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Guardianship Homes

A Guardian Home is a quality home to match our quality dogs.  A forever home that takes a “pick of the litter” puppy that is personally chosen for you by us. This puppy/dog will be your forever family member while still participating in our breeding program. The Guardian Home agrees to raise, train, love and care for the puppy as their own while Love & Frenchies retains ownership and breeding rights for a pre-agreed amount of time.


The chosen female will deliver up to 3 litters at Love & Frenchies upon reaching breeding age.  Once pregnant she will remain with you throughout her pregnancy and come back to us about one week before her delivery and stay until the puppies are weaned. After her breeding career is over she will be spayed at our expense and live forever with your family.


This unique opportunity for selected local families allows us to expand our program without utilizing kennels. We believe that all dogs deserve to live a life as someone’s beloved family member & not all of our breeding dogs fit on our laps!


Cost involved? YES!
It is indicative of the guardian family being fully capable of providing only the BEST for our dogs.

The Guardian program allows a family to purchase a “breeding quality” Frenchie for significantly less. The guardian family is responsible for all routine veterinary care including vaccines, food, grooming, heartworm/flea prevention, training, accessories and monthly pet insurance. These are all mandatory expenses that you would expect to incur for any dog you bring into your home and since this is essentially your dog, they exist in the guardian program too.


  • You must live within 90 minutes of Zephyrhills, FL.

  • Must be willing to transport to and from appointments during breeding times.

  • Must not have any intact males in your home.

  • Must be familiar with the brachycephalic breed.

  • Prefer a fenced yard, no swimming pool.

  • A clean, stress-free environment.

Blades of Grass

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